Paula Arlich comes from a very musical family, so it is no surprise that she was gifted with a special musical talent of her own. Her family realized this when at the age of 3, she kicked her Uncle John (film composer  John Williams) off the piano saying "my turn" and played for the first time. Her grandfather (Johnny Williams, drummer for the Raymond Scott Quintette) believed she had the "musical gene".
Paula began composing at the age of 11 and performing at the age of 13.  Through the Certificate of Merit Program, she earned countless awards for music festivals, musicales, and competitions, and throughout her training, she was awarded top honors for her achievements.
Since the age of 13, Paula has gained extensive experience playing public and private events throughout Southern California.  She began her teaching career through her music teacher’s studio, and continues teaching privately in her home.   She has performed with and coached a variety of soloists, youth, worship and choir ensembles;  bands and orchestras.  She was the musical director for over 20 Broadway musical performances, and several of her coached vocalists have gone on to such shows as American Idol, The Voice, and Americas Got Talent, an honor she is very proud of.  

Paula is known for her ability to play virtually any style of music, ranging from jazz standards, contemporary, classical, rock, pop, Broadway, country, and all points in between.  Complete Song List   Her passion always remains the softer, more soothing melodies that she loves to create.  



"A Ray of Hope" a collection of original instrumentals by composer and pianist Paula Arlich, release year:  2006  




"Sea of Dreams" a collection of contemporary classic instrumental music, performed by pianist Paula Arlich, release year:  2018.




"Classics of the Heart" a collection of timeless pieces from the classical period, performed by pianist Paula Arlich, release year: 2019.




"Piano Bar Classics" a collection of piano bar standards, performed by pianist Paula Arlich, release year:  2020.




"Living In Harmony" a compilation of contemporary pieces, performed by pianist Paula Arlich, featuring vocalists Jessica Hayes, Ashley and Roberta Heim, Kristina Rasband, and AnAhi Rodriguez, release year:  2021.



"Love is Forever" a collection of Celtic songs, performed by pianist Paula Arlich, featuring vocalist Riannon Canestrelli, release year:  2021.  Dedicated with love to Mark Cloud.



"Lost in Thought" is a collection of original instrumentals, composed and performed by pianist Paula Arlich, release year:  2021.




“Life at the End of the Tunnel”. Friends since childhood, Beth Fitzpatrick and Paula Arlich team up to create beautiful music amidst heartbreak from loss and grief. This project was a life line to help them find life at the end of the tunnel.  Dedicated to Mark Cloud and Marco Mosqueda.

“Love Surrounds Us”. Dedicated to God and the incredible people in my life who have walked beside me or helped carry me on my journey. With sincerest gratitude, heartfelt thanks and love, I am forever grateful.

Paula's Holiday Music Standards collection, includes musical styles of Jazz, classical, and contemporary.  "A Jazzy Christmas", "A Classical Christmas", "A Peaceful Christmas" and "A Thankful Christmas", are all available for purchase.

All discography is available on Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, and other internet platforms.