Paula Arlich comes from a very musical family, so it is no surprise that she was gifted with a special musical talent of her own. Her family realized this when at the age of 3, she kicked her Uncle John (film composer John Williams) off the piano saying "my turn" and played for the first time. Her grandfather (Johnny Williams - drummer for the Raymond Scott Quintette) believed she had the "musical gene".
At the age of 11, Paula began composing simple melodies.  "She'd sit at the piano and just play whatever came out, and we were all amazed how beautiful they were! Composing came very easy for her", her mother said.  "She'd play for hours and her melodies were very soothing and peaceful."

Under the guidance of Doris Morioka, she completed the Certificate of Merit Program through the Whittier Branch of Music Teacher's Association in 1983, earning numerous awards and honors for her talent.
After earning her BA in Business Administration, Paula continued to perform for public and private events,  piano bars and lounges, for church services with youth groups, worship teams, and choirs.  In 1998, she began teaching Kindermusic for the New Community Lutheran Preschool. In 2000, she became Musical Director for Broadway High/Starz Musical Theater company playing for more than 20 musical productions.  
Performing with other musicians has always been a true joy for Paula, and she has played the piano/keyboard for a variety of musical groups including "Believer", "YNT", and “Guilty Conscience”. She  has played literally hundreds of events throughout the southern California area.  In 2019, she joined a Jazz, swing, and Dixieland style jazz ensemble, “Second Hand Jazz” that plays monthly concerts at the Merc in Old Town Temecula.

Paula is known for her ability to play virtually any style of music, ranging from jazz standards, contemporary, classical, rock, pop, Broadway, country, and all points in between.  Complete Song List   Her passion always remains the softer, more soothing melodies that she loves to create.  



Paula's original instrumental CD "A Ray of Hope" grabbed the attention of Internet Radio stations, and many songs have made it to the top 100 new age charts.  In 2008, the song "Lost Love" was nominated for best new age instrumental by the JPF Music Organization.  In 2014, the song "I Can't Imagine" made it to number 1 new age charts.    

"Contemporary Classical" is the term Paula likes to use when describing her favorite style of music to play.  In 2018, Paula released "Sea of Dreams" a collection of her favorite instrumental music.  It includes music from David Lanz, David Benoit, Yiruma, and others.

Paula treasures the timeless pieces from the classical period.  In 2019, she released "Classics of the Heart", a collection of favorites that she learned from her piano training from Mrs. Doris Morioka and from her mother.

During the Corona-virus pandemic, Paula hosted "virtual piano bar" online.  She took requests via social media and email.  Late 2020, she released "Piano Bar Classics", which includes her most requested songs during the shut down.

Paula has been blessed to be work with some incredible talent.  "Living In Harmony", which was released in 2021, is a compilation of some of the artists she has been able to work with over the years.  Featuring Jessica Hayes, Ashley and Roberta Heim, Kristina Rasband, and AnAhi Rodriguez.

Paula lost her husband in 2021, and with the help of her niece Riannon Canestrelli, she released the album "Love is Forever", a collection of some of Mark's favorite Celtic songs.  Dedicated with love to Mark Cloud.  

"Lost in Thought" is a collection of original instrumentals that were composed to soothe the soul and calm the spirit.  Released in 2021.

Paula's Holiday Music Standards collection, includes musical styles of Jazz, classical, and contemporary.  "A Jazzy Christmas", "A Classical Christmas", "A Peaceful Christmas" and "A Thankful Christmas", are all available for purchase.

All the music below is available on Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, Amazon, and other internet radio stations.